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Currently we have an aim to attend all the LudumDare events and in the meantime work on our art/code to make our own engine. This is obviously a lot of work and we will be having a lot of projects on the side just for fun, as well as having a lot of University work going on. However we're hoping that this will enable us to create bigger and better things in the future and show you what we can do.

If we like one of the games we make on the side it's very possible that we will put it on the back burner and come back to it once we've finished our other projects. We shall be updating our blog with what's going on as often as possible, when we remember anyway!

If for some strange reason you want to view my (SimonRhys) terrible coding then I will put up all the source for these projects on my GitHub page. I'll try and update this reguarly and make sure to put the code up once a project has been completed. I'm absolutely terrible at remembering to update things though so don't be surprised if I forget!

You can see the list of completed/ongoing projects below:

Ludum Dare Competition Projects:

One Element: Windows Version | Linux Version

Web Projects:

Terrain Generator using WebGL